Expert Gas Heating Engineers in Colchester

During the colder months, we all rely on our central heating system to warm our homes and to keep us nice and cosy when it’s bitterly cold outside; and while you may think that you’re heating will become redundant in the summer months, the unpredictable nature of the English climate makes a fully working heating system essential all year round. Therefore, if you suspect a problem with your central heating or gas boiler, don’t leave it until you need it, get in touch with the professional heating engineers Colchester found here at KP Evans & Co Ltd.

At KP Evans & Co Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality workmanship to which every project is completed to, and to guarantee a service that is second-to-none, all of our gas heating engineers are registered Gas Safe registered. Furthermore, upon completing the work, our gas engineers Colchester will then go on to provide our customers with a Gas Safe Certificate, giving our customers peace of mind that the work performed by our engineers is of the highest quality.

We appreciate that not everyone knows how to spot a faulty boiler, however when you have a gas boiler it’s essential that you are able to spot the warning signs, in order to protect the inhabitants of your home from any risk. The signs you should keep a look-out for include;

-    Your gas appliance is not working properly
-    The pilot light keeps going out
-    There is increased condensation on the windows
-    You can see soot or yellow/brown staining on or round the gas appliances
-    Your appliance is burning with a lazy yellow or orange flame instead of a crisp blue flame

At KP Evans & Co Ltd, we aim to answer your call-out as quickly as possible, and with a used truck fully stocked with essential parts, we’ll try and fix the problem the very same day. This is vital when it concerns a gas boiler so to get in touch with one of our heating engineers Colchester, call us today on 01206 844 334.

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